Finish your project on our Media 100XR, Media 100 HD or Final Cut Pro systems and get the special look and feel that your project needs. Most projects master to Beta SP or Hi Def, but we also support other video formats.
While you’re editing your project you can also work with one of our 3D animation or After Effects experts to get your logos and 3D images ready to be inserted into your project.
Our very quiet sound booth for voice overs is convenient and easy to use, when you are ready to show off your project, we can compress or encode your video for the internet and put it up on one of our private servers, streaming servers or onto your site for internet previews.
 Our production and needle drop music libraries include “Who did that music” & “Music2Hues”, these libraries offer soundtrack possibilities to fit any project at really great rates.
We offer VHS, yes we can still make VHS copies & DVD duplication, labeling, packaging and more, for any size order, from 1 to 1000 copies.

Give us a call and tell us about your project.

24/7 availability call 1.800.700.5782 Studio: 480.951.9323 Office: 480.922.1745 Fax: 480.922.8122 email